mutual Aid

WASIL Mutual Aid pledges to donate 10% of profits each month to the  campaign until it reaches goal; est Nov. 2020

As goals are met for each campaign, they will be replaced with a new campaign that hasn't met goal. Our mutual aid will prioritize local people, but are not exclusive to the Bay Area.
If you would like to be considered for our mutual aid program, please email with your instagram handle, link to campaign, and your role in relation to raising the funds (Are you: the campaign recipient, family member, organizer etc. We ask this to ensure the funds are being given to the intended recipient). We will only be choosing 1 campaign at a time to ensure they are getting to their goal as quickly as possible.  

We encourage you to donate independently as well! If you donate to the campaign, email us with proof of donation  

Donations of $15 or more will receive a standard face mask of choice. 
Donations of $50 or more will receive a scrunchie or hair ribbon + face mask of choice.
Donations of $100 or more will receive a bucket hat + face mask of choice. 
Proof of donations on our behalf are visible on the recipient's Go Fund Me- donations are made on a quarterly basis to take into account returns/refunded orders. 

 Kiara, Bay Area 

Kiara is available for model bookings, contact her through her instagram @longlegsshorthair for inquiries