Due to WASIL being a small business and all clothing is hand made-to-order by Sabrina and the help of a local seamstress, we rarely accept returns. If your return request is accepted, it will only be for partial refunds within 4 days of being received (This 4 day period begins the day your order arrives according to tracking information).

I direct messaged you on instagram with questions/concerns, but haven't heard back?

Instagram is not a platform we rely on to keep in touch with you. If you have any issues, questions, or concerns, please e-mail us at info@wasilclothing.com so we can sort everything out/ best serve your needs!

Can I get a full refund for an item I want to return? 

In short, unfortunately no. Accessories are final sale. Most clothing is made with deadstock/vintage fabric, which means there are extremely limited quantities of materials to make each and every design. With that being said, we sometimes do offer partial refunds for clothing orders. The cost deduction from the refund depends on the cost of materials & labor used to prepare your order. The deduction from your refund can vary greatly depending on the garment and size. Refunds are to be issued within 3-5 business days of receiving the return. Customer is responsible for cost of shipping item back to return. Items will be assessed to see if the garment is in "unworn" condition, as well as all original tags and packaging is included with the return. If it is considered worn, the refund will not be issued and the original order will be sent back to the customer (and shipping cost will be paid by customer to return said order). 

I got the wrong size/measured myself wrong/didn't realize your sizing chart is different than other brands! Can I exchange my item for the correct size? 

If you would like to exchange your garment for a different size, we accept exchanges for re-make for an additional fee of 35% (of item total including taxes & shipping costs) within 4 days of receiving your package (according to tracking info). You will be responsible for the cost of shipping your wrong size back, and shipping your new size back to you. Original order item must be in retail condition, and not worn beyond trying on (These standards are at our discretion). A re-make is costly and sometimes cannot be done if we are out of that colorway/vintage fabric. We will try and offer different fabric replacements for that circumstance. To re-make your order it will take approximately 14-21 business days and another 3-5 business days for shipping the new size back. The 35% re-make fee must be paid in full, and the original garment/wrong size must be inspected by us before the re-make time period begins. You will be notified once the remake begins. 

I ordered the wrong size (Same question as above)- can I return this item/get a refund?

We will not offer refunds/returns for any garments under these circumstances. When we are making your garment, we go directly based off of the measurements provided. Before shipping your order, we double check the sizing is correct based on the information you've given us. Aside from double checking, we do take pictures of the garment laid out with measuring tape (for inch reference), and keep said photos for our records. If you suspect we provided the incorrect size, we will happily send over these photos to prove we accurately made your garment. Every garment has a 2" inch range for each measurement- meaning if you have a 34 inch waist, that garment will be made to fit someone with a size 33-35 inch waist.

I've changed my mind/ I don't want the garment anymore/ I don't like the garment. Can I get a refund? 

Again, since your garment is custom made to your measurements, there is a sunken cost of your garment that we cannot recover the loss from. In short, no, we will not be able to refund you. Depop is a great place to resell clothing, especially if its an item that sold out quickly. 

What could cause my size exchange request or refund to be denied?

Items that are worn beyond trying on once will not be considered for size exchanging, and customer will be responsible for the shipping cost to return their original order. Determining what is "beyond trying on" will be at our discretion and condition standards for how we believe retail items should be in.  Undergarments, accessories, or items on sale are non-returnable/non-exchangeable/final sale. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Sure do, and we love getting these orders! Thanks for wearing WASIL worldwide! International shipments may require additional fees (Like duty fees, import fees, etc) which you'd be responsible for. Be on the lookout of any e-mails or correspondences from your local government requesting these fees to ensure a smooth delivery. Any returns/ size exchanges follow the same guidelines as listed above but will require an additional 10 business days of processing time for international orders. International orders are responsible for all duty fees including ones needed for returns or order reshipments. 

I missed the delivery/ I entered the incorrect address/ I didn't pay the duty fees in time for delivery/ my order was returned to sender due to a failed delivery attempt, can you reship it to me?

We will happily re-ship your item if this happens. However, if your item is returned to our studio due to any of these reasons, you will be responsible for the cost of re-shipping your item. You cannot request a refund in the case of any of these scenarios. Once your item arrives back at our studio, please allow us 7-10 business days to re-ship your item. Before re-shipping your item the postage must be paid in full before this 7-10 business day period begins. We will hold your order for 31 days, but after this period expires (Starting the day the tracking information says it arrives at our studio), your order is not guaranteed to be re-shipped. We are not required to accommodate the lack of correspondences/unpaid shipping fees from you that could cause this hold period to expire. 

I need my order expedited/ made ASAP! Can you help me?

Understandable, sometimes yes, sometimes no. It all depends on how busy we are with orders! More than likely yes, expedition is available for every item for an additional 30% of the item cost (Accessories not included). E-mail info@shopwasilclothing.com to inquire before purchasing.  

My package was lost/stolen/never arrived but tracking said it did? 

So sorry about this! Unfortunately once the package is shipped, it is no longer our responsibility. With COVID-19, its hard to know what will happen with USPS, and delays are frequent right now. Please follow up with your shipping provider to file a claim in case of this. If you have issues with theft at your address, please email info@shopwasilclothing.com to request a signature confirmation upon delivery for your order. Cost of this addition should be paid by the customer before the garment is ready for shipment, otherwise it will be shipped without signature confirmation.

My garments are damaged, what now?

So sorry for this! We always do our best to ensure every garment goes out flawlessly, but there are inevitable errors on our behalf when hand making clothing. If you garment arrives stained, torn, or with any other imperfections, you have 48 hours upon delivery to notify us of these issues. This 48 hour period is dependent on when the tracking information confirms delivery. If this error is deemed on our behalf, you can either request a refund for your affected items, or request a remake. Either option does require you to ship the original garments back, which we will cover the costs of shipping for. Please note, we do take photos and measurements of every garment before it is shipped out, so we will be aware of any imperfections that is not our fault!

My order was placed fraudulently, I want my money back.

This is definitely something we can understand happening. Our website host, Shopify, does a good job of flagging fraudulent orders as they come in- so we will sometimes reach out to ask for additional idenfitication to verify the order is not fraudulent. If you catch the fraud before the order is made/shipped, we can try to refund the order in its entirety. If the order has already been made and shipped, there will be an investigation initiation. We will be in contact via email with you and your banking institution to resolve this.